Matchförutsägelse: PSG.LGD - Xtreme Gaming | Dota 2

The long pause in the Chinese region will end only on January 31. However, we are not particularly concerned about this - there will be more time to prepare for the resumption of battles.

The match for the opening of the second stage of the winter DPC tour went well: PSG.LGD will play against Xtreme Gaming. Both teams are aiming for the first major in Lima and both teams will most likely end up there.

However, points in a face-to-face meeting will not hurt anyone. The competition for 4 places in China is high.

PSG.LGD will approach this match with 4-1 statistics. The team needs to win to actually guarantee the passage to the first major.

Xtreme Gaming has a worse situation. They are on the 4th line and have a 3-2 statistic and risk being left out of the first major in case of defeat.

We figure out which team will win and who will be one step closer to the first Major of the season.

Xtreme Gaming Uniform

Let's start the analysis of the match with the analysis of the form of Xtreme Gaming. In this match they will play as the favorite.

The bookmakers believe in the success of the star Chinese. The club's chance of success is estimated at a coefficient of around 1.7.

Despite the position of the teams in the standings, Xtreme Gaming are still ahead and owe it to their roster.

Xtreme Gaming Roster

The only thing I associate pre-match odds with is in team rosters. At Xtreme they are loud and famous, but so far they have brought only mediocre success.

Xtreme Gaming players

  • Ghost
  • Paparazzi
  • JT
  • Pyw
  • Dy

Mediocre success is directly reflected in the performance of the team. Even with teams that are nominally weaker, Xtreme Gaming suffers, as was the case with Aries, for example.

Xtreme Gaming Performance

Starting last season from 2nd place at Intel World Open Beijing, the team caught up with OGA Dota PIT Season 6: China, where they won against MagMag in the final.

Then there was a performance in the first round of DPC China 2021/2022, followed by a second place and access to the regional finals. At the regional finals, Xtreme took 3rd place, behind PSG.LGD and Team Aster.

Xtreme also played at DPC CN 2021/2022 Tour 3: Division 1, where they took 3rd place. After “average” performances within the first division, Xtreme Gaming got to the closed qualifiers for The International 2022 from China.

The team took 2nd place there, went to the Last Chance Qualifier and, it would seem, should have gone to The International itself, but this did not happen.

Having taken TOP-6 on LCQ, Xtreme Gaming dropped out of the race for Aegis and changed their roster.

In the first match of DPC 2023, they met Aster.Aries. Team Aster's junior team caused problems for the stars, but after the first card was handed over to Xtreme, they got together and closed the series. Shone, by the way, JT: the newcomer of the club filigree played on Magnus in the third map.

The main line-up of Aster became the second rival. Although the game ended on three maps, it cannot be said that it was equal: only at the matchpoint was the struggle visible, but there Aster turned out to be stronger than their counterparts.

After losing against the main roster of Aster, Xtreme faced off against EHOME. This match was so far the only series where everything went according to plan: Xtreme, as expected, beat less title rivals with a score of 2-0.

Xtreme had their fourth fight with the Knights. The most controversial team of the season took the series away from Xtreme, but do not forget about the Perfect World investigation into the incident of the possible use of maphack by the “knights”.

The fifth game against DAWN was uneventful. An easy 2-0 win.

Xtreme Gaming Heroes

In patch 7.32 Xtreme Gaming liked to use Death Prophet (13 games, 76% win rate), Shadow Fiend (8 matches, 50% win rate), Earth Spirit (8 matches, 50% win rate), Nyx Assassin (7 matches, 57% win rate)).


Let's continue the analysis with the analysis of the PSG.LGD form. They are in this duel in the status of catching up.

The bookmaker is cautiously called PSG.LGD an outsider. The coefficient for their victory is 2.1.

Again, we connect everything with the roster of teams. At PSG.LGD, it was essentially rebuilt from scratch and now it is necessary to win the loyalty of the public and bookmakers again.

PSG.LGD roster

After replacing the trio of Ame, Faith_Bian and XinQ, the team will fall to the bottom of the tournament table and will apply for getting into the TOP-4, and not claim the championship in the table.

PSG.LGD Players

  • shiro
  • NothingToSay
  • 项羽
  • planet
  • y`

Even from the games played, it is clear that the legacy of xiao8 and y` has not disappeared anywhere. However, PSG.LGD had problems in the last series, which they will solve on pause.

Performance of PSG.LGD

So far, PSG.LGD have been playing frankly weak opponents. DAWN and Aster.Aries, with all due respect, players of the PSG.LGD club level can be replayed in easy. Let's see how it will be against the more "venerable" representatives of the Chinese region.

Having entered The International 2022 directly, PSG.LGD acted as one of the main contenders for victory, but in the end they were not even the first team in China. The wards of xiao8 finished the tournament in the TOP-6, after which major changes began in the roster.

As part of the first match of DPC 2023, the team played against DAWN. LGD beat their opponents without a single chance, giving them 7 kills in two maps.

The second match against Aster.Aries followed a similar scenario, with the difference only in the number of kills and the total time for two maps. Aries were able to get 24 kills while playing as a substitute. At least something, but the result is 2-0 in favor of PSG.LGD.

The third game against the Knights was a lump in the throat for PSG.LGD. The legendary tag lost with a score of 0-2, but not everything is clear with the opponent: Perfect World accused the “knights” of cheating, but so far the matter is at a standstill.

The match against EHOME and against Invictus Gaming brought problems for PSG.LGD. The team played twice with a score of 2-1.

Heroes PSG.LGD

PSG.LGD valued Primal Beast (6 games, 66% win rate), Tiny (6 matches, 50% win rate), Leshrac (6 matches, 50% win rate), Enigma (5 matches, 60% win rate). They love Alchemist, bringing him into the meta: 2 games, 100% win rate.

History of personal confrontations

Previously, the teams did not play with each other in the updated lineups.

Match outcome

I do not believe in a clear victory of one of the parties in this duel. As for me, the teams are completely equal and will play similar DotA with pressure and pressure.

The most visible outcome for me is +2.5 total.

Result: total +2.5.

PSG.LGD - 1st team in Chinese ranking. It is not entirely clear yet how much the change in the roster changed the situation for the team, but within the framework of the first DPC out of 5 matches, the guys lost only 1, and even that one against the team that was accused of cheating. Initially, Dawn Gaming and Aster.Aries won without problems 2:0. Then they are defeated 0:2 by Team Knights. Well, after that, in a strong fight, EHOME and Invictus Gaming outplayed 2:1.

Xtreme Gaming is the 4th team in the Chinese ranking. The DPC is shaping up quite well for the team. Of course, they do not aim for the first position in the table, but the 3rd-4th place is guaranteed to them, which means they go to the major. Managed to defeat Aster.Aries, EHOME and Dawn Gaming. Well, Team Aster and Team Knights lost. This match is the last major challenge for them at this stage.

Too much has to add up for there to be any replays, so almost always both of these teams get to the major. From memory, XG is a very unstable team. LGD is a bit more consistent in this regard. I would venture to suggest that in this confrontation we will see the entire distance, namely 3 maps.

I'm a bettor, I live only by this. I devote all my time to this. There are no more interests.

I have been running my business for quite a long time and have achieved some success in this. Believe me or not - everyone's business. But why not try? Maybe you like this life too!

Result: total 2.5+!

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PSG.LGD är listade som matchens favoriter hos majoriteten av bookmakers och oddsen på dem är lika med 1.628. Xtreme Gaming är i sin tur matchens outsiders. Oddsen på deras seger är ungefär 3.76.

Vilka är framgångarna för lagen i de senaste matcherna

Senaste matcherna PSG.LGD Xtreme Gaming
5 matcher (vinster) 2 3
10 matcher (vinster) 6 4

Statistiken över personliga strider mellan lag är också viktig för framgångsrika spel. De tävlande har hållit 4 matcher. Och PSG.LGD vann 2 gånger medan Xtreme Gaming på motsvarande sätt blev vinnaren 2 gånger.