Matchförutsägelse: SK Gaming - KOI | LoL

We continue to study the group stage of LEC Winter 2023. The second game of the first round in group A is next, where SK Gaming and KOI will meet in a head-to-head match.

SK Gaming made it to LEC Winter 2023 from 3rd place in the regular season. A team of 9 games won 6.

At KOI, the situation was a little more deplorable. The team is in 7th place, having won 4 games out of 9.

We figure out which team will be stronger and in the next round GSL will play against the winner of the Vitality – Heretics pair.

Form KOI

Let's start the analysis of the match with the analysis of the game form of KOI. They will appear before us in this duel in the status of a favorite.

The chance of their victory is estimated by the coefficient in the region of 1.8. A very interesting indicator.

KOI performed rather sluggishly during the regular season. We played below expectations, although we had everything we needed for a more successful performance.

Composition of KOI

The first factor that should have played into the hands of KOI is their roster. They are one of the few who went through the transfer period with minimal losses.

KOI Players

  • Szygenda
  • Malrang
  • Larssen
  • Comp
  • Trymbi

The team changed only the topliner, but there is a feeling that the entire line-up has been shoveled. However, these are the realities of the LEC in 2023: you cannot be sure of success, even if you recently won the summer split.

KOI Performance

KOI will start the match with 2-4 statistics in the standings. They are on the 7th line.

The first week started fervently, but by the third match the first problems started. Out of 3 games, 2 were won:

  • Victory against Team BDS with a score of 1-0
  • Victory against KOI with a score of 1-0
  • Lost to Fnatic 0-1

I can't believe that the only loose, especially against a very serious opponent, hit the morale of experienced players so much. I can't find any other reason for this performance.

  • Lost to Team Heretics 0-1
  • Lost to MAD Lions 0-1
  • Lost to SK Gaming 0-1

I would not say that in the second week of KOI they played against the strongest teams in the division. After all, the same G2 and Vitality are ahead (already in the next match), and it will not be possible to “get” points at passing meetings.

The last week has been a good one for KOI despite a tight schedule. Won against one of the main contenders for victory, but lost to another:

  • Victory over Vitality with a score of 1-0
  • Lost to G2 Esports 0-1
  • 1-0 victory over Astralis

It is likely that KOI will catch up as the season progresses. At LEC Summer 2022, the team also did not immediately join the race, but by the playoffs they opened up to the fullest.

KOI Champions

In the top of KOI most often were Renekton (2 matches, 50% of wins). They also took Aatrox (1 game, 1 win), Jax (1 game, 0 wins), Fiora (1 game, 0 wins), KSante (1 match, 0 wins).

The most played in the forest were Sejuani (2 matches, 50% win rate), Maokai (2 matches, 50% win rate), Elisa (1 match, 0 win rate), Jarvan IV (1 game, 0% win rate).

Picks for the mid lane were Ryze (2 matches, 50% wins), Kassadin (1 match, 100% wins), Viktor (1 match, 0% wins), Azir (1 match, 0 wins), Tristana (1 match, 0% victories).

Ezrael (2 matches, 50% wins), Kalista (1 match, 100% wins), Jhin (1 match, 0% wins), Sivir and Lucian (1 games each, 0 wins) were played on ADK.

Supports were Nami (2 games, 0% win rate), Ashe and Soraka (1 game each, 100% win rate), Rakan (1 match and 1 loss). Yuumi was there too, 1 match and 1 loss.

SK Gaming Uniform

Let's move on to the analysis of the game form of SK Gaming. They are in this match to play in the status of catching up.

The chance to win is estimated by the bookmakers with odds around 2. The gap with KOI is minimal.

SK Gaming played the group stage much better, although the difference in the cards taken was only 2 points. That makes it a little unclear why SK is an outsider here, albeit with a minimal margin.

SK Gaming roster

Apparently, the difference in pre-match performance will have to be attributed to the team's roster. The SK roster cannot boast of formidable names.

SK Gaming players

  • Irrelevant
  • markoon
  • Sertus
  • Exakick
  • Doss

The strength of SK is in the intra-team interactions with the players that they managed to hone while still under the LDLC tag. With proper development, this roster can compete with other top LEC residents because there is potential, and we saw it during LEC Winter 2023 - Stage 1.

SK Gaming performance at LEC Winter 2023

SK Gaming started the championship as "dark horses" at best. The first week of games confirmed this status and, moreover, aggravated it:

  • Lost to MAD Lions 0-1
  • Lost to Team BDS 0-1
  • Victory over Team Heretics

However, the victory in the final series of the week left a gap and gave hope for further success for SK. And not in vain.

Already in the second week, SK Gaming actually performed a miracle. The team beat 3 favorites in a row at once:

  • 1-0 victory over G2 Esports
  • Victory over Vitality with a score of 1-0
  • Victory over KOI with a score of 1-0

A week that was supposed to be fatal for SK Gaming, but in fact brought them a pass to the group stage.

SK Gaming approached the final round of the regional games as a serious opponent and favorite in almost every match. In general, expectations were met, with the exception of a minimal miss in the match against Astralis:

  • Lost to Astralis 0-1
  • Victory over Excel with a score of 1-0
  • 1-0 victory over Fnatic

The last game against Fnatic was especially symbolic. SK, who did not need anything, closed Fnatic, thus sending the "orange" to rest.

SK Gaming Champions

The top picks from SK Gaming were Gnar (2 games, 1 win), KSante (1 game, 0 wins), Camile (1 game, 1 win), Sion (1 game, 1 win), Renekton (1 game, 1 win).

Sejuani and Eliza are honored in the forest. Both champions appeared twice and won both matches, but Vi and Kindred lost their games.

In the mid lane, Sertuss plays Sylas (2 matches, 50% win rate), Kassadin (1 time, 0 win rate), Azir, Syndra and Akali (1 game each and 100% win rate).

Of the shooters - Zeri. The character appeared 3 times and won 2 matches, and in addition Varus (who lost the only match), Sivir and Lucian were also picked.

On supports, Yummi, who managed to get fed up, broke into the Karma meta, as well as Renata Glasc and Lulu. Yummi won two matches out of 3, Karma lost the only game, and Renata Glasc and Lulu won.

History of personal confrontations

The teams played face-to-face in the second week of the regular season. Then SK, with the help of Lucian and Yummi, closed the KOI in 28 minutes.

Match outcome

In this fight, there is every chance to see an equal fight. That is why bo3 - just in time for the article.

I propose to bet on the total +2.5, since I don’t see one side closing the series dry. Even the advantage of SK in a personal meeting cannot be called completely correct, because it was only bo1.

Result: total +2.5.

Alla bookmakers har kommit överens om att KOI är favoriten. Detta kan märkas eftersom oddsen på dem är 1.517. Detta nummer till förmån för SK Gaming belopp 3.495. De sista är respektive underläge i den kommande matchen.

Lagstatistik de senaste matcherna

Senaste matcherna SK Gaming KOI
5 matcher (vinster) 4 3
10 matcher (vinster) 6 5

Spelare kommer definitivt att vara intresserade av statistiken över personliga möten mellan lagen.

De tävlande har hållit 1 matcher.

I dessa strider fick SK Gaming 1 segrar medan KOI lyckades ta 0 matcher.