Matchförutsägelse: SK Gaming - Fnatic | LoL

The middle of the last gaming day of LEC Winter 2023 Stage 1 marks the confrontation between Fnatic and SK Gaming. The match is of critical importance within the framework of the arrangement of teams in the standings.

SK Gaming have already guaranteed themselves a pass to the second stage. The team scored 5 wins in 8 matches, which is enough to go further.

Fnatic has a much sadder situation. The team has 2 wins in 8 matches, and in order to catch replays, they must win this game.

We are figuring out whether Fnatic will claim replays with the loser of the Astralis-KOI pair, or whether the title European club will fail in the LEC for the first time in a long time.

SK Gaming Uniform

Let's start the review of the match with an analysis of the game form of SK Gaming. We will do this not because the team is singled out as the favorite of the game.

Bookmakers are in no hurry to label teams. The victory of SK Gaming is estimated by the odds around 1.8, which indicates the almost absolute equality of the sides.

However, judging by the LEC Winter 2023 Stage 1, SK look much better than their counterparts. To do this, just look at the performance of the team in the first stage.

SK Gaming roster

If you dig even deeper, you can catch on to the SK Gaming roster. He is combative, but it will be extremely interesting to look at the representatives of the German club already in full-fledged bo3.

SK Gaming players

  • Irrelevant
  • markoon
  • Sertus
  • Exakick
  • Doss

French legionnaires paired with Sertuss look harmonious. We will watch them with interest during the next stage of LEC Winter 2023.

SK Gaming performance at LEC Winter 2023

Before the start of the match against Astralis SK Gaming 4 in the overall standings. Win 5 in 8 games.

In the first series, SK Gaming faced MAD Lions. One of the most productive teams in the European region in past seasons outplayed SK in 27 minutes.

In the second game, SK faced the French club BDS. The monumentally renewed Team BDS roster closed SK in a long 40-minute game.

After 0-2 SK began to win back with lightning speed. In the third series, LEC newcomers from Team Heretics fell under the hot hand, and Exakick shone in that match.

The next episode was even more interesting. SK Gaming beat one of the main contenders for victory at LEC Winter 2023 and Hans Sama did not help: Azir from Sertuss helped SK win against G2.

Smelling the smell of blood, SK rushed to the fifth match, where not just anyone, but Vitality themselves became opponents. The uncompromising French club failed to cope with their colleagues from Germany: SK inflicted the only defeat of the season on Vitality, winning the game in 31 minutes.

They were not going to stop there. Before Astralis, SK Gaming met KOI (former Rogue) and once again Exakick shone: 29 minutes and 4 wins of the season in SK's pocket.

Unforeseen difficulties arose with Astralis. The Danish club was too tough for the Germans and they received their third defeat.

We managed to rehabilitate ourselves in the match against Excel. The worst team of the tour failed to take part in the replays, lost and left the LEC winter split in last place.

SK Gaming Champions

The top picks from SK Gaming were Gnar (2 games, 1 win), KSante (1 game, 0 wins), Camile (1 game, 1 win), Sion (1 game, 1 win), Renekton (1 game, 1 win).

Sejuani and Eliza are honored in the forest. Both champions appeared twice and won both matches, but Vi and Kindred lost their games.

In the mid lane, Sertuss plays Sylas (2 matches, 50% win rate), Kassadin (1 time, 0 win rate), Azir, Syndra and Akali (1 game each and 100% win rate).

Of the shooters - Zeri. The character appeared 3 times and won 2 matches, and in addition Varus (who lost the only match), Sivir and Lucian were also picked.

On Yummi, Karma, Renata Glasc and Lulu. Yummi won two matches out of 3, Karma lost the only game, and Renata Glasc and Lulu won their matches.

Fnatic form

Let's move on to the most interesting. Let's analyze the form of Fnatic, who were placed in the same ranks with SK Gaming in this match.

The bookies still give Fnatic credit of trust. The chance of the “orange” winning is estimated by the odds around 1.8.

I cannot agree with the pre-match balance of power. Fnatic didn't deserve any favors this season.

Fnatic roster

Having held a reshuffle at the start of the season, Fnatic decided to shake things up. It came out, but not quite the way the club wanted.

Fnatic Players

  • Wunder
  • Razork
  • Humanoid
  • Rekkles
  • Rhuckz

To summarize: Rekkles is not the same anymore. The Swede failed to replace Upset in the position, and his performance cannot be called acceptable, let alone a reference.

Against the background of Rekkles, Rhuckz looks good. The young Portuguese is struggling to prove his capacity, but somehow does not add up.

However, not Rekkles alone: Wunder suffers greatly, showing one of the worst seasons of his career. The Dane has an AC of 1.6 and a utility factor of 43 points, which is very sad for such an important role as a topper.

Fnatic Performance

The team will come into this fight with a 2-4 record. She is in position 7.

Fnatic failed the first week of the competition, winning 1 match out of 3. In fairness, they played against title teams and direct contenders for victory.

  • Lost to Vitality 0-1
  • Lost to G2 Esports 0-1
  • Victory over KOI with a score of 1-0

Vitality and G2 Esports, although they are giants, are direct competitors to Fnatic. “Orange” is also a TOP club, and therefore you also expect a solid game from them.

The second week was identical for Fnatic. The team won 1 game out of 3 played.

  • Lost to BDS 0-1
  • Victory over Excel with a score of 1-0
  • Lost to Team Heretics 0-1

Fnatic needs to jump into the race, and there are serious competitors ahead. Fnatic failed to join the game.

The team lost both matches within a week. The favorite is still okay, but Astralis had to beat:

  • Lost to MAD Lions 0-1
  • Lost to Astralis 0-1

There is a feeling that Fnatic has run out of morals. In the duel against Astralis, the “orange” ones were as sluggish as possible and, in fact, did not compete with the nominally weaker opponent.

Fnatic Champions

For Wunder, Gragas (2 games, 50% wins) and KSante (2 games, 0 wins) were most often chosen in the Fnatic top. Also appeared Gnar (1 match, 100% wins) and Gwen (1 match, 0 wins).

They experimented in the forest. Kindred, Sejuani, Maokai, Viego, Wukong and Vi appeared once each. The victory was brought by Maokai and Wukong.

There is also diversity on the center line. Picked Azir twice (0 wins), Syndra, Jayce, Kassadin, Ryze once. Jayce and Kassadin won.

Rekkles played signature Varus 3 times (1-2). There were bad games for Zeri and Ezrael and 1 more win for Sivir.

Rhuckz has played Ashe (1-1), Rakan (0-1), Yuumi (0-1), Nautilus (1-0) and Leona (0-1).

History of personal confrontations

Before this match, the teams did not play official matches with each other. This match will be a pen test for the clubs in the new season.

Match outcome

With the choice of the winner in this match, there is a twofold situation. Both teams are not happy with their performance in the new week, and SK's victory over Excel is taken for granted.

However, you have to choose. Let it be SK Gaming, showing a more status League of Legends than their titled rival.

Outcome: victory for SK Gaming.

Nu tror majoriteten av bookmakerföretagen på SK Gaming seger. Oddsen på dem är lika med 1.629. Enligt bookmakers data är Fnatic outsidern och oddsen på deras segerbelopp 4.027.

Vad lagets prestationsstatistik säger

Senaste matcherna SK Gaming Fnatic
5 matcher (vinster) 4 2
10 matcher (vinster) 5 2

Det kommer också att vara nödvändigt att nämna historien om möten ansikte mot ansikte mellan motståndarna. De tävlande har hållit 19 matcher. Och SK Gaming vann 3 gånger medan Fnatic på motsvarande sätt blev vinnaren 16 gånger.