Matchförutsägelse: Team BDS - G2 Esports | LoL

We continue to review the last week of the first stage of LEC Winter 2023. Next up is the duel between G2 Esports and Team BDS.

The sign of the match is serious - two contenders for high places are playing. G2 and BDS have a minimum program - a pass to the next stage of LEC Winter 2023 and both teams are close to completing it.

The teams will approach the confrontation with identical statistics - 4 matches won and 2 lost. However, after this game someone will go on a short break with the third loss.

Winning the match actually guarantees one of the teams a pass to the next round. We will try to find out who will be one step closer to this, and who will move away from the goal.

G2 Esports Uniform

We start our review of the game with an analysis of G2 Esports form. The team is predicted to be the favorite here.

The bookmaker estimates the chance of G2 to win with odds around 1.3. Don't lose confidence.

In general, it is possible to agree with such an assessment from bookmakers. G2 look really good during the season and will definitely become a serious opponent for those who want to win the LEC Winter 2023 champion title.

G2 Esports roster

The 2023 season, as expected, brought changes to the G2 Esports roster. The team changed three performers at once.

G2 Esports Players

  • Brokenblade
  • Yike
  • Caps
  • Hans-sama
  • Mikyx

G2 Esports “newcomers” are Swede Yike, who previously played for LDLC OL, Team Liquid star Hans sama and Mikyx, who spent the last season with EXCEL. The latter, by the way, played for G2 during the golden days of the club (2018-2022).

Of the veterans - permanent Caps on the mid lane. It looks cheerful, but you can find fault with the game at will, but do not forget about the bo1 format, which makes its own adjustments in the first stage of games.

G2 Esports performance

G2 Esports played 6 games and share the 2nd place with MAD Lions, SK Gaming and Team BDS. The team has 4 wins and 2 losses.

The first week of G2 started as a reference. The team debuted with 3 confident victories, among which was a victory over a principal rival:

  • Victory over EXCEL with a score of 1-0
  • 1-0 victory over Fnatic
  • 1-0 victory over Astralis

By principled victory, we mean a win against Fnatic. That match ended in the first minutes when Hans Sama made a triple kill with his Draven in the jungle on the bottom lane.

The second week was much darker. G2 won 1 match out of 3, and lost to a very implicit competitor:

  • Lost to SK Gaming 0-1
  • 1-0 victory over Team Heretics
  • Lost to Vitality 0-1

The central match was the confrontation with Vitality. The elite derby ended with a crushing victory for Vitality and gave the latter a pass to the next stage.

G2 Esports Champions

In the top lane, G2 Esports is dominated by Jax. The character appeared 3 times and won all matches. In addition, we picked KSante twice (0-2) and picked Karm, which we are used to seeing on support. By the way, she won her match.

In the forest, preference was given to Graves (2 games, 50% of wins). Viego, Kindred, Belveth and Udyr were taken once each: all of them won except Udyr.

The mid lane is also not very standard. Akali (2 matches, 50% win rate), Viktor, Zac, Twisted Fate, Ryze by game and all but Ryze by win.

From the shooters, they took Draven (100% win rate) and Varus (50% win rate) 2 times. Ashe and Lucian appeared (Ashe has a 100% win rate, Lucian lost).

Support more often than other Nautilus (2 matches, 100% wins). Heimerdinger, Ashe, Lulu and Nami were played: the first two won, the rest did not.

Form BDS

We continue the review with an analysis of the Team BDS game form. They will appear before us in this match as an outsider.

The bookmaker is given 3.1 for their victory. Looks too fatal.

You can understand the bookmakers: G2 Esports historically perform much better at the LEC than BDS. However, now we have a new competitive season and now the teams are in the same boat, having an identical position in the standings.

Composition BDS

Unlike G2 Esports, there are no big names in the BDS roster. However, this does not prevent them from demonstrating a good game.

BDS players

  • Adam
  • Sheo
  • crown shot
  • Labrov

In fact, all current BDS players come from the academic staff of the French club. This speaks of the management's stake in cultivating their own talents and further promoting or selling them. However, for now, the first option seems more realistic, given their game before this match.

BDS Performance

Team BDS have 4-2 statistics before the start of the new week of LEC Winter 2023. The team is tied for 2nd place in the race.

The first week of the winter LEC raised questions about the viability of the renewed Team BDS roster. The team finished it with a score of 1-2, losing to passable opponents:

  • Lost by KOI 0-1
  • 1-0 victory over SK Gaming
  • Lost to EXCEL 1-0

Later, the situation was smoothed out. On the second week, BDS leveled off and closed all their matches with a victory, and against serious opponents:

  • 1-0 victory over Fnatic
  • 1-0 victory over Astralis
  • Defeated MAD Lions 1-0

Such a streak can cause a feeling of euphoria in the team. The main thing now is not to relax and remember that there are no guarantees for further passage yet.

Team BDS Champions

Unpopular characters on the LEC appear in the top of the BDS. Olaf (50% wins), Darius (50% wins) and Aatrox (win) and Jax (win) were selected twice each.

Two appearances each for the junglers Sejuani (50% wins), Wukong (100% wins). 1 game each for Vi (0% wins), Maokai (100% wins).

In the mid lane, Azir (50% win rate) and Akali (50% win rate) have 2 spawns each. Once again, NUCLEARINT played for Viktor (win) and Sylas (win).

The bot has the most variety in relation to other popular champions in positions. The most picked shooter is Jhin (3 games, 66% win rate), followed by Caitlyn (50% win rate at 2 games) and Varus (1 match, 1 win).

Heimerdinger appeared most often on supports (3 matches, 66% of wins). Thresh, Lux and Tahm Kench appeared once each. Lux lost.

History of personal confrontations

In the new season and with the updated lineups, the teams did not play each other. Last season, the teams played 4 times and won G2 Esports three times.

Match outcome

Based on pre-match odds, this should be an easy win for G2. However, I'm not entirely sure about this.

If BDS come into the new week with the same fighting spirit as they did last week, they could be a big problem for G2. However, Caps and the company also did not sit idly by.

I'll take a chance and believe in BDS. I like their unconventional approach to drafting, which in the end can work.

Outcome: victory for BDS.

G2 Esports är listade som matchens favoriter hos majoriteten av bookmakers och oddsen på dem är lika med 1.248. Team BDS är i sin tur matchens outsiders. Oddsen på deras seger är ungefär 4.642.

Hur lagen spelade de senaste matcherna

Senaste matcherna Team BDS G2 Esports
5 matcher (vinster) 4 3
10 matcher (vinster) 6 4

Det är också vettigt att komma ihåg statistiken för matcherna mellan lagen.

Deltagarna i striden före mötet spelade 4 matcher med varandra.

Och Team BDS vann 1 gånger medan G2 Esports på motsvarande sätt blev vinnaren 3 gånger.