Matchförutsägelse: Team BDS - Team Heretics | LoL

The last day of the first stage of LEC Winter 2023 is getting ready to start. The action will be opened by BDS and Team Heretics.

As part of the regular season, both clubs showed “average” performance, but it turned out to be enough with a goal. The teams have already guaranteed themselves a passage to the next stage.

Before the match, the teams will approach with the statistics of 4-4 each. Winning the match will make it possible to move the competitor and get closer to the TOP-4, which, in general, does not solve anything.

We figure out which of the teams will get a fundamental victory and in a good mood will start training for participation in the bo3 group matches.

Form BDS

Let's start the review of the match with an analysis of the Team BDS game form. In this match, the team will play with its opponent on an equal footing.

The bookmaker is in no hurry to single out any of the parties. For the victory of the French, they give a coefficient in the region of 1.83.

The figure directly speaks of the parity in the strength of the teams. It's hard to disagree with her because both BDS and Heretics have an identical win rate in the first stage of the LEC Winter before the start of the last day of the stage.

Composition BDS

As for me, BDS is absolutely logical in this place. Nothing less was expected from them, however, it was almost impossible to break into the TOP to Vitality and G2.

BDS players

  • Adam
  • Sheo
  • crownshot
  • Labrov

A new generation of top performers is being born before our very eyes. BDS does not have big names and world-famous nicknames in its lineup

BDS Performance

Team BDS have 4-2 statistics before the start of the new week of LEC Winter 2023. The team is tied for 2nd place in the race.

The first week of the winter LEC raised questions about the viability of the renewed Team BDS roster. The team finished it with a score of 1-2, losing to passable opponents:

  • Lost by KOI 0-1
  • 1-0 victory over SK Gaming
  • Lost to EXCEL 1-0

Later, the situation was smoothed out. On the second week, BDS leveled off and closed all their matches with a victory, and against serious opponents:

  • 1-0 victory over Fnatic
  • 1-0 victory over Astralis
  • Defeated MAD Lions 1-0

Such a streak can cause a feeling of euphoria in the team. The main thing now is not to relax and remember that there are no guarantees for further passage yet.

The current week has already brought BDS 2 defeats. They happened in matches against the favorites of the race:

  • Lost against G2 Esports 0-1
  • Lost against Vitality 0-1

The games were quite lengthy by the standards of modern European League of Legends. G2 BDS fought for 31 minutes, but the game lasted 44 minutes with compatriots from Vitality.

Team BDS Champions

Unpopular characters on the LEC appear in the top of the BDS. Olaf (50% wins), Darius (50% wins) and Aatrox (win) and Jax (win) were selected twice each.

Two appearances each for the junglers Sejuani (50% wins), Wukong (100% wins). 1 game each for Vi (0% wins), Maokai (100% wins).

In the mid lane, Azir (50% wins), Akali (50% wins) and Sylas (50% wins) have 2 spawns each. One more time NUCLEARINT played for Viktor (win).

The bot has the most variety in relation to other popular champions in positions. The most picked shooter is Jhin (3 games, 66% win rate), followed by Caitlyn (50% win rate at 2 games) and Varus (1 match, 1 win).

Heimerdinger appeared most often on supports (3 matches, 66% of wins). Thresh, Lux and Tahm Kench appeared once each. Lux lost.

Team Heretics Uniform

We continue our analysis of the match with a review of Team Heretics' form. The Spanish club's pre-match figures are identical to their counterparts.

Bookmakers give the same indicators for the victory of the Spanish club as on BDS. Chance to win at odds level of 1.8.

What else to expect from a team that has the same results in the standings? The difference between the teams in the playstyle is not big, and besides, in the approach to the formation of the roster.

Team Heretics line-up

Having updated the lineup before the start of the season, Team Heretics took the path of a “mixed approach to building a lineup”. There are both experienced performers and promising names.

Team Heretics Players

  • Evi
  • Jankos
  • ruby
  • Jackspektra
  • Mersa

The first nickname that catches your eye is Jankos. The status Pole continues his career outside of G2, where he has spent the last 5 years. As for me, the experience of playing in not the most experienced team will benefit the jungler.

It's also interesting to see Evi in the context of the European League of Legends. The Japanese spent the last season with DetonatioN FocusMe and now he will conquer Europe. So far, so-so, but there is still enough time.

Team Heretics Performance

"Heretics" are "in the middle", to put it bluntly. 6th place makes it possible to go to the next round, and this is already a minimum program.

The first week at the LEC Winter Team Heretics started with two losses and one win. The favorites of the season and the “average” lost, which turned out to be far from the same:

  • Beating Astralis 1-0
  • Lost to Vitality with a score of 0-1
  • Lost to SK with a score of 0-1

The second week brought Team Heretics a mirror result. The team won 2 matches, lost 1:

  • Victory over KOI with a score of 1-0
  • Lost to G2 Esports 0-1
  • 1-0 victory over Fnatic

I would like to note the last series against Fnatic. The Japanese legionnaire Evi was just shining there, dragging a 40-minute game on KSante.

In the third week, Team Heretics managed to play 2 matches. One won, one lost.

  • 1-0 victory over Team Excel
  • Lost to MAD Lions 0-1

The victory over Excel put an end to the participation of the latter in the LEC Winter 2023, and the loss from MAD Lions did not really affect the alignment inside the standings.

Team Heretics Champions

Evi played 6 matches on KSante and has a 50% win rate. In addition, Jax (won), Renekton (lost) was played.

In the forest, Jankos shows the meta: Wukong (3 matches, 33% wins), Vi and Graves 1 game and 1 win each, but the broken Maokai and Elisa did not bring success and lost their cards.

Azir was most often sent to the mid lane (4 games, 50% of wins). Cassiopeia was also played (1 match, 100% win rate), as well as Kassadin and Viktor, but they didn't win.

The bot is stable: Varus and Lucian have 2 games and 1 win each. There was also Kalista, who lost the match, and Zeri, who won hers.

Of the supports, Nami was chosen most often (2 games, 50% of wins). Karma, Nautilus, Lulu and Braum picked once each, but only Karma and Braum won their series.

History of personal confrontations

Previously, the teams did not play each other in official matches of the 13th competitive season. The fight will be the debut confrontation for the teams.

Match outcome

If it were bo3, it would be safe to bet on total over 2.5. We have a different situation, and therefore we will have to choose a specific winner.

This is how I see Team Heretics in this situation. The Spanish club looks a little more cheerful in the third week and is quite capable of finishing the first stage with a victory.

Outcome: Team Heretics win.

För tillfället ser majoriteten av bookmakers enhälligt laget Team BDS som spelets favorit med genomsnittliga odds på en seger i summan av 1.701. Team Heretics chanser att vinna utvärderas med genomsnittliga odds 2.241 av bookmakers.

Hur lagen spelade de senaste matcherna

Senaste matcherna Team BDS Team Heretics
5 matcher (vinster) 4 0
10 matcher (vinster) 6 0

Det kommer också att vara nödvändigt att nämna historien om möten ansikte mot ansikte mellan motståndarna. De tävlande har hållit 0 matcher. I dessa matcher vann Team BDS 0 gånger, Team Heretics aktiva sammansättningar av 0 vinster.