Matchförutsägelse: Team Heretics - Rebels Gaming | VALORANT

VALORANT Champions 2022 is behind us, and Riot's franchise leagues won't start until next season. While preparations are being made for the start of the next competitive season on the mainland, battles that are not without charm are taking place at the local level within the framework of small tournaments.

One of such events is LVP - Crossfire Cup, held under the auspices of LVP. At the tournament, 16 teams from Spain competed for a prize pool of $10,000 and now only two are left in business.

Team Heretics and Rebels Gaming will compete for the LVP - Crossfire Cup championship in a b5 confrontation. We will try to figure out who will be stronger and take the title.

Rebels Gaming Uniform

Rebels Gaming will be the favorite for this match. The chance of this Portuguese team to win is estimated at around 1.4.

Rebels Gaming's edge looks pretty solid. All thanks to the performance of the team.

Having appeared on the open spaces of competitive VALORANT at the end of 2021, Rebels quickly entered the TOP TIER-2 scene. This is indicated both by the places in local tournaments and by the performance specifically at the LVP - Crossfire Cup.

Rebels Gaming Performance

During the year, the team managed to play in three qualifiers, but they failed to make it to the VCT 2022: Europe Challengers Stage. Fortunately, there is a lower-scale tournament where the Rebels feel comfortable.

At VRL 2022 Spain: Rising Stage 1, the team took 1st place, defeating Case Esports in the final. Dali had another attempt to enter the VCT 2022: Emea Challengers by going through the promotion tournament. There, luck turned away from them at the TOP-4 stage, where the team lost to Surreal Esports.

The last before the LVP - Crossfire Cup was VRL 2022 Spain: Rising Stage 2. There they met their old counterparts from Case Esports, and this time they turned out to be weaker. A 1-2 loss left them at the TOP-4 stage.

At LVP - Crossfire Cup, Rebels Gaming won Group B with a clean score of 2-0, after which they went to conquer the playoffs. Before the grand final, they left behind 4Real (3-0) and then Arroz (3-1).

Rebbels Gaming roster

  • jannyXD
  • GatsH
  • vo0kashu
  • Addicted
  • Fizzy

The roster consists of strong players of the TIR-2 scene. So, for example, GatsH has already played for BDS, Addicted was featured in Sharks and Saw, and Fizzy played for BDS and Movistar Riders.

Mappool Rebels Gaming

Rebels Gaming's favorite map is Icebox. The team played it 40 times and at the same time has a win rate of 75% of wins.

The only map with a negative win rate is Brezee. The team has won 6 in 13 games.

Team Heretics Uniform

Team Heretics will play in the status of a nominal outsider in this match. The chance of their victory is estimated by the coefficient in the region of 2.6.

The gap is small, but it exists. This can be seen both from the coefficients and from the effectiveness of the “heretics”.

Club “experienced”, on stage since 2020. It was he who turned out to be the peak for the Spanish club, but this season everything is much worse.

Team Heretics Performance

During the year, the team played twice at VRL 2022 Spain: Rising Stage 1 and 2. Both performances are extremely deplorable. For the first time, the team took the TOP-10, and then moved up two lines - TOP-8.

There was also an attempt to qualify for Red Bull Home Ground #3, but failed. TOP-4 did not allow them to play in the Red Bull tournament.

The situation began to be corrected at the LVP - Crossfire Cup and so far it is going well.

The team closed out Group D cleanly, finishing the group stage with a score of 2-0.

In the playoffs on the way to the grand finals, Team Heretics played against KPI Gaming with a score of 3-2, and then beat KOI with a score of 3-0.

Team Heretics line-up

  • lowel
  • keloqz
  • snikk
  • mixwell

As part of Team Heretics, “downed pilots” gathered. The team is represented by lowel, mixwell and GRUBINHO, who previously played in CSGO. Of the three, mixwell became the most successful in VALORANT: at the start of the esports component of the discipline, he played for G2 Esports, with whom he managed to become one of the best performers in Europe. However, it is far from such status now.

Mappool Team Heretics

Favorite map - Haven. For 48 matches, 85% of wins.

Worst - Icebox (50% of wins in 26 matches).

History of personal confrontations

Over the last 4 matches, Rebels Gaming won three times.

Match outcome

In this confrontation, I expect a close fight. We won’t see Icebox from the maps, but on the rest there can and should be a struggle.

In any case, my preference is on the Rebels side. They do better as the season progresses, they play with a full roster, and the Heretics resorted to one, and the whole season they play sloppily.

Bottom line: Rebels win.

Enligt ledande bookmakers förutsägelser är laget Team Heretics favoriten med genomsnittliga odds 1.866 för tillfället. Bookmakers anser att Rebels Gaming är matchens outsider med odds på en seger på summan av cirka 4.077.

Vilka är framgångarna för lagen i de senaste matcherna

Senaste matcherna Team Heretics Rebels Gaming
5 matcher (vinster) 4 4
10 matcher (vinster) 5 8

Det kommer också att vara nödvändigt att nämna historien om möten ansikte mot ansikte mellan motståndarna. Lagen spelade 3 matcher med varandra tidigare. I dessa strider fick Team Heretics 0 segrar medan Rebels Gaming lyckades ta 3 matcher.