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OpTic Gaming Prediction - DRX

Valorant Champions 2022 is coming to an end. Today we'll talk about the penultimate match, within the finals of the lower bracket, in which the representatives of North America - OpTic Gaming will face the Koreans from DRX, for the right to get the coveted slot in the grand final. Previously, the teams had 2 meetings between themselves, within the framework of two stages of the Masters in Reykjavik and Copenhagen, both times the victory went to OpTic Gaming with a score of 2-1. Today the team will meet again in the bo5 format.

Form OpTic Gaming

The North American team, and my personal favorite, finished the group stage in first place in the table, with a score of 2-0. After getting into the playoffs, the team met with Team Liquid and naturally won. Having given the opponents card to Breeze (7-13), the players closed the two remaining cards with the same score, Bind (13-8), Ascent (13-8).

OpTic players continued their winning streak in the semifinals of the upper bracket, where they dealt with their colleagues in the region - XSET. Having won the opponents' map Haven (13-9), the team managed to give up their pick to Ascent (11-13), which is extremely strange, but the last map was Perl, where FNS and the team feel great, as a result of victory (13-8). Yesterday, the North Americans met with the Brazilians from LOUD, in the final of the upper bracket, and I expected an extremely difficult victory for the first. But in reality, everything happened completely differently, OpTic gave up their pick to Bind (10-13) with a struggle, and flew off on the map of opponents Ascent (13-3) without a chance.

The result of the latest matches at Valorant Champions 2022

  • Victory over BOOM Esports - 2:1
  • Victory over LOUD - 2:1
  • Victory over Team Liquid - 2:1
  • Victory over XSET - 2:1
  • Defeat from LOUD - 0:2

OpTic Gaming Card Statistics

  • Bind 68% in 78 matches
  • Haven 63% in 59 matches
  • Split 67% in 48 matches
  • Ascent 62% in 90 matches

On their maps, the team plays better on the defensive side: Bind 60% wins in defense vs. 54% in attack, Split 62% wins in defense vs. 49% in attack, Ascent 61% wins on defense vs. attack prevails 57%, against 51% in defense.

Most popular heroes in the last 60 days: Marved - Brimstone (180), Astra (117), yay - Chamber (430), FNS - Viper (235), Breach (93), crashies - Sova (156), Skye (119), Victor - Neon (134), Raze (122).

Form DRX

The Korean team also finished the group stage as a favorite, in 1st place in the overall standings. After getting into the playoffs, the team faced FunPlus Phoenix, in the match against which they experienced difficulties on the first Ascent map (19-17), everything went much easier on their selection of Breeze (13-5). In the semi-finals, the Brazilians from LOUD were waiting for them, as in the case of future opponents, it was they who became the stumbling block, throwing DRX at the loser on Breeze (11-13) and Haven (6-13).

In the lower bracket, the Korean team had a series of victories over the representatives of Europe. The first victory over Fnatic ended with 3 maps: Icebox (7-13), Ascent (14-12), Fracture (13-9), in the second match DRX again met with FunPlus Phoenix, and knowing the tendency of the latter to give all their best in losers, I assumed victory for the Phoenixes, but the Koreans did a great job with them for the second time, closing the rivals on two maps Icebox (13-11), Haven (13-9).

The result of the latest matches at Valorant Champions 2022

  • Victory over 100 Thieves - 2:0
  • Victory over FunPlus Phoenix - 2:0
  • Victory over Fnatic - 2:1
  • Victory over FunPlus Phoenix - 2:0
  • Defeat from LOUD - 0:2

DRX Card Statistics

  • Bind 73% over 45 matches
  • Haven 87% in 69 matches
  • Split 89% in 46 matches
  • Ascent 81% in 52 matches

On their maps, the team plays well for both sides: Bind equal values of 60% of wins for the defense side, against 60% for the attack side, Haven 64% of wins for the attack, against 61% for the defense, Split 69% of wins for the defense, against 58% in attack, Ascent 63% of wins defending, against 57% attacking.

Most played heroes in the last 60 days: stax - Breach (102), Fade (92), Rb - KAY/O (116), Killjoy (78), Zest - Chamber (188), Fade (126), BuZz - Jett (246), Chamber (68), MaKo-Viper (120), Astra (92).

Match prediction

It's hard to pick a winner, but despite that, my personal favorite is OpTic Gaming. Representatives of North America showed themselves well throughout the tournament, and the defeat from LOUD is most likely the result of some kind of relaxation, because the players knew that there was always a lower bracket. The Koreans are undeniably a strong team, but given the extremely small experience of playing in huge inter-regional tournaments, each match will be held in tension, and mistakes are quite possible. In addition, the teams have already met twice, as I wrote above, and I think this time OpTic will continue their series of victories over the representatives of Korea.

Outcome: victory for OpTic Gaming

Alla bookmakers har kommit överens om att OpTic Gaming är favoriten. Detta kan märkas eftersom oddsen på dem är 1.732. Detta nummer till förmån för DRX belopp 2.184. De sista är respektive underläge i den kommande matchen.

Vad lagets prestationsstatistik säger

Senaste matcherna OpTic Gaming DRX
5 matcher (vinster) 4 4
10 matcher (vinster) 7 7

Statistiken över personliga strider mellan lag är också viktig för framgångsrika spel. De tävlande har hållit 2 matcher. I dessa matcher vann OpTic Gaming 2 gånger, DRX aktiva sammansättningar av 0 vinster.