Matchförutsägelse: KOI - NRG | VALORANT

KOI and NRG will meet in the first round of VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: LOCK//IN São Paulo. Perhaps, each match of the tournament will be full of intrigue, as many teams will come here and try out their lineups for the first time.

However, in this case we are dealing with KOI, which is a hodgepodge of good players from Europe, as well as NRG, which signed the backbone of the strongest team in North America and the top sniper ardiis.

Therefore, here I would not trust KOI, because if the North Americans remember themselves from last year's variation, they will be able to close the opponent without any problems.

Form KOI

The 29th team of the European ranking presented its new line-up very late, with which they did not have time to debut anywhere. Moreover, KOI updated the team by 100%, leaving none of the previous five.

If you go through the personalities, then it is worth highlighting trexx and starxo, which will be the backbone of the team. But there are big questions about the rest of the players, because I'm not entirely sure about their potential to play together.

Form NRG

The eighth team of the North American rating also presented its new line-up, but kept s0m in the main clip. At the same time, NRG acquired a powerful OpTic Gaming roster that surprised last season.

At the same time, the club acquired ardiis, who managed to become one of the best snipers along with FunPlus Phoenix. The only thing that confuses is the fact that the team hasn't played anywhere yet, but on the basis of its former merits, NRG should take it out.

KOI vs NRG meeting statistics

The teams have not met before.

Prediction for the match KOI — NRG

It is clear that the European team has more opportunities in terms of training, but the main advantage of NRG is the fact that the team has remained virtually unchanged, retaining its backbone and coach from OpTic Gaming.

And given that last season the North American team was one of the strongest on the scene, I would like to forget about the prospects for KOI in this fight.

Therefore, in this case, I would recommend betting on the victory of the NRG team.

För tillfället ser majoriteten av bookmakers enhälligt laget NRG som spelets favorit med genomsnittliga odds på en seger i summan av 1.346. KOI chanser att vinna utvärderas med genomsnittliga odds 3.807 av bookmakers.

Hur presterade deltagarna de senaste matcherna

Senaste matcherna KOI NRG
5 matcher (vinster) 3 2
10 matcher (vinster) 5 4

Det är också vettigt att komma ihåg statistiken för matcherna mellan lagen. Lagen spelade 0 matcher med varandra tidigare. I dessa matcher vann KOI 0 gånger, NRG aktiva sammansättningar av 0 vinster.